You may know them as phantoms in the urban landscape. Whispers of rumors. Hovering on your peripheral vision. Or always just ahead, rear lights taunting. Now the entire SRT lineup is captured under glass, awaiting your examination. An entire brand fueled by passion for street and racing technology. Adhering to five hallmarks that set SRT apart: awe-inspiring powertrain; outstanding ride, handling and capability; benchmark braking; aggressive and functional exteriors; and race-inspired and high-performance interiors. Time may stop but it never stands still.


At Ourisman Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram, we are here for the racecar driver in all of us.  We have a great selection of high performance vehicles to meet your every need, everything from the iconic Dodge Challenger to the rugged Jeep Grand Cherokee.  PLUS, not only do we have the vehicle here and in stock, we also have certified technicians and parts specialist on staff to answer any questions you may have.  Along with our expert staff, we have a large supply of Mopar accessories to give your SRT 8 your personal touch.

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2017 Challenger SRT8® HellCat

Challenger Hellcat.jpg

2017 Charger SRT8®HellCat

Charger Hellcat.jpg

This is the Supercharged 6.2-liter SRT Hellcat HEMI® V8 that lives up to the hype. Starting at the source, the engine features a forged-steel crankshaft and induction-hardened bearing surfaces, a specially tuned crank damper tested to 13,000 rpm, high-strength forged-alloy pistons coupled to powder-forged connecting rods, high-load capacity bushings and diamond-like carboncoated piston pins. Premium-grade heat-treated aluminum cylinder heads with die-cast aluminum rocker covers are optimized for superior thermal conductivity. The Supercharger houses internal charge coolers and an integrated electronic bypass valve that has the equivalent ability to suck the air out of a 10x13-ft room in one minute. The twin-screw rotors are specially treated to accommodate tighter internal tolerances between the rotors and improve overall performance. Air is delivered into the engine’s air box via the Air CatcherTM Inlet Port located in the driver’s-side parking lamp. A 92mm throttle body controls airflow into the Supercharger, air charger coolers and then into the inlet port — another unique Challenger SRT Hellcat feature. With this kind of power, it’s a given that the exterior demands exclusive extras. A Viper inspired aluminum hood crowns SRT Hellcat, while the functional scoop is flanked by an equally functional set of air extractors, which effectively remove heat from the engine compartment and reduce air turbulence. Bold SRT Hellcat badges flank the fenders so there’s no mistaking it from anything else on the road. Owners are handed both a Red and Black key fob at delivery. The Black key restricts power to 500 horsepower, while the Red key unlocks the full 707 horsepower.

2017 Challenger SRT8®


This is more than the Fourth-Generation Dodge Challenger.  This is modern muscle. A dose so bold that it has brought forward a new wave of enthusiasts. A generation of drivers who cut their teeth on stories of drag strips, horsepower and custom details. It' styled to turn die hards on and outfitted with enough technology to satisfy a new generation of thrill seekers.  Its performance is strong enough to uphold the weight of its legendary reputation. This is a driving experience that only a legend can deliver. 




2017 Grand Cherokee SRT8®

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.jpg

Mind-bending performance combined with ultra-premium luxury. See what happens when the engineers and designers of the Street and Racing Technology Team get a hold of the Grand Cherokee.

2017 Charger SRT8®

Dodge Charger SRT.jpg

If history has taught us anything, it's to respect those that came before us and to never forget where we came from.  Chargers abides by these golden rules.  Throughout its storied history, it has never lost sight of its iconic roots and never sacrificed the performance that enthusiasts thrive on.  In fact, we've flexed for technology to deliver impressive combinations of power and miles per gallon.  The result is an enviable power train lineup.


The Heritage of Street and Racing Technology

Performance vehicles are a Chrysler tradition. In the 1950s, an elite team of Chrysler engineers set out to extract extreme amounts of power from existing engines. The team crafted new intake manifolds featuring long-tube intake runners. The innovative design helped engines ingest more air, translating into improved performance. The new induction system was called “Ramcharger,” and the team behind the technology adopted that name. The Ramchargers’ new engines produced enormous amounts of power, leading to success on the drag strip during the 1960s and 1970s.

Fast forward to the 1989 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where Dodge amazed crowds with its sleek Viper concept car. The project, initiated by then-company president Bob Lutz and Carroll Shelby, was described as the successor to the AC Cobra. Penned by Tom Gale, its simplistic yet muscular shape paired with a merciless 8.0-liter V-10 instantly thrust the Viper into the spotlight. People raved. The Viper was approved for production just weeks later.

With the dawn of the V-10 powered supercar emerged a group of devoted engineers. Team Viper worked to hone the supercar for the street and racing, which would lead to endurance race victories in the late 1990s.

Meanwhile, a separate, dedicated team completed work on the 1993 Plymouth Prowler concept car. When the first Prowler rolled off the assembly line four years later, Chrysler integrated the two specialty groups into a single entity: Special Vehicle Engineering. At last, Chrysler’s elite teams worked together under a single roof to create eye-catching niche vehicles.

In 2002, Chrysler made an announcement that would forever change the enthusiast landscape. Lead engineer John Fernandez and Viper guru Herb Helbig took to the auto show stage to announce the creation of Performance Vehicle Operations. The newly formed group leveraged existing resources to improve Chrysler’s high-performance focus. PVO celebrated by unveiling the Viper-powered Dodge Ram SRT10, flanked on the show floor by the Dodge Neon SRT4 concept and Viper SRT10.

All PVO creations wore Street and Racing Technology badge. In 2004, Chrysler internally renamed the development team “SRT”.

Five key benchmarks must be met before a vehicle can wear the SRT badge. Awe-inspiring powertrain, outstanding ride, handling and capability, benchmark braking, an aggressive and functional exterior and a race-inspired and high-performance interior are the hallmarks of an SRT vehicle.

Since SRT’s inception, ten vehicles have earned the SRT badge.

With the help of a dedicated fan base and uncompromising engineers, SRT looks forward to a future of class-leading performance vehicles.